About Ibico®


For years, Ibico® is one of the largest names in the binding and laminating industry. However, you might have noticed that the Ibico® has recently disappeared from the marketplace. So, what have happened to our Ibico® brand name?


In 1998, Ibico AG was purchased by General Binding Corporation (GBC). Since then, GBC continue to maintain the Ibico brand of products in addition the regular line of GBC products. After more than a decade of supporting both the GBC® and Ibico® brand, GBC made the decision in 2005 to discontinue the Ibico line of products. When the decision to stop supporting the Ibico brand of products was made, many of the Ibico machines were rebranded under new GBC model name. The Ibico Ibimatic became the GBC CombBind C150, the Ibico Kombo became the GBC CombBind C250 and the Ibico EPK21 became the GBC C800pro etc. While some were discontinued and disappeared as the Ibico® brand was phased out.


If you are looking for a particular Ibico® product that is no longer available it is likely that there is something equivalent available to meet your needs. Contact us for more information.