Kensington has the solution to take the aches and pains out of working at your desk for extended periods of time. With our full line of ergonomic solutions for your feet, back and seat, you're less likely to suffer a repetitive stress injury or have to visit a doctor.
  • KENSINGTON SmartFit® Sit/Stand Desk

    Incorporating Kensington’s patented technology to ensure proper fit, the SmartFit® Sit/Stand Desk provides an efficient and safe way to convert your desk into a healthy sit-stand workstation using a convenient desk-on-desk design. Strong and stable at any height, while using a pneumatic lift to effortlessly raise and lower your workspace within a space-saving footprint, the Kensington SmartFit® Sit/Stand Desk delivers optimal productivity and ergonomic support.
  • KENSINGTON SmartFit™ Monitor & Laptop Mounting Arm

    The SmartFit™ Monitor and laptop mounting arm makes it easy to work on multiple documents or applications and to collaborate with colleagues. The heavy-duty Mini-C clamp is simple to install while using less desk space for a clean look. The built-in cable management system even helps reduce desktop clutter.
  • KENSINGTON SmartFit™ Extended Monitor Arm Mount

    Kensington’s SmartFit™ Column Mount Monitor Arm allows you lift your screen off the desktop instead of using a stand. Our patented SmartFit™ System lets you find your optimal height setting to reduce neck, back and vision strain, and the mount assembles in minutes, letting you quickly get back to what’s important.The heavy-duty Mini-C clamp is simple to install while using less desk space for a clean look. The mount can be swiveled from side to side up to 45 degrees and accommodates up to a 27” monitor.
  • KENSINGTON Duo Gel Wave Keyboard Wrist Rest

    When you spend long hours in your home office typing long documents, creating engaging presentations, or managing complex spreadsheets, you need a workspace that goes beyond being merely functional. The Duo Gel Keyboard Wrist Rest fits along the full length of a standard keyboard and molds to the natural contours of your wrists for professional comfort and support.