Give your ideas that extra touch with this clean, perfect-bound style. Thermal binding allows you to turn loose papers into permanently bound books in seconds, without the need of staples, clips, fasteners or punching the paper. At the same time, it also facilitates filing, stacking and mailing. A wide assortment of thermal binding covers is available for your selection.

  • GBC ThermaBind T200 Binder (2017)

    A perfect machine for small office use. The T200 can produce one 20mm (200 sheets) A4 document or multiple bind many smaller presentations simultaneously.
  • GBC ThermaBind T400 Binder (2017)

    An executive thermal binding machine perfect for medium to high usage.
  • GBC ThermaBind T500 Binder

    Professional thermal binder ideal for high volume use. The extra wide binding channel allows for one large or smaller multiple documents to be bound at a time.