Visual Communication

  • QUARTET Infinity™ Glass Dry-Erase Glass Desktop Easel

    Capture great ideas and keep track of daily tasks with this glass surface dry-erase easel. Convenient design allows board to stand upright for easy reading and collapse to comfortably write notes and reminders. Comes with clip to hold marker.

  • QUARTET InvisaMount™ Glass Magnetic Boards

    Glass Boards provide long term  durability with modern aesthetic appeal. The glass surface will not stain, ghost, scratch or dent despite heavy use. Magnetic feature allows for instant hanging of documents and notes, and marker glides evenly over the board surface for smooth writing. With invisible mount and aluminium marker tray.

  • QUARTET Wall Screens 1500/1750/2000

    Conveniently stows away when not in use, making it perfect for boardrooms, classrooms or any environment where a screen is frequently used. No need to transport a screen every time a presentation is scheduled.
  • QUARTET ReWritables® Dry-Erase Markers

    Fine tip, non-permanent, non-toxic and low odor compact size markers. Comes in a pack of 3 (black, red, blue) markers in each clear vinyl pouch.
  • QUARTET Rare Earth Magnets

    Rare earth magnets are super powerful and the perfect accessory for any magnetic board, and are the only magnets that are compatible with a magnetic glass marker board. Magnets are round and clear in color. Extra strong, hold 5X more sheets than a standard magnet.
  • NOBO Flipchart Pad Plain 40

    Great for brainstorming and interactive meetings. Perforated at the top for easy tear off.