Wireless Presenters

A confident presentation is a powerful presentation. Kensington’s full line of wireless presentation remotes and red and green laser pointers build confidence by giving you intuitive controls and thoughtful features that let you spend more time focused on what truly matters -- your audience. With features like extended wireless range, an intuitive 4-button presentation clicker design, and built-in memory to  store your presentation, you’ll have everything you need to control the room.

  • KENSINGTON Expert Green laser with cursor control Presenter

    The best wireless presenter is the one you don’t have to think about because everything is intuitive. The simple four-button design makes it easy to navigate your Keynote® or PowerPoint® presentation. And the red laser helps you make your point from across the room. Plus, with a simple flick of a switch, you can toggle between presentation and cursor control modes.

  • KENSINGTON Ultimate Presenter™ with Virtual Pointer

    The Kensington Ultimate Presenter™ with Virtual Pointer is an innovative presentation tool that works for a variety of environments and screens. Overcoming the shortcomings associated with traditional laser pointers, such as bright LED screens or safety restrictions, the Ultimate Presenter is optimised for use in conference rooms with TV displays, online meetings with remote participants, and large auditoriums with multiple presentation screens. Complemented by versatile storage options and the KensingtonWorks™ software, the Ultimate Presenter is the ideal presentation tool for today’s digital world. Optimised to work with macOS®, Windows®, and leading presentation software such as PowerPoint®, Keynote®, Adobe® PDF and Google® Slides.