• GBC Arctic Titan 2 Wide Format Laminator

    The GBC Arctic Titan 2 is an excellent roll laminator design for cold lamination using pressure-sensitive films and foam boards. Versatile and easy to use, the manual hand crank GBC Arctic Titan 2 laminates and mounts prints up to 1570 mm wide and 25 mm thick. Features enhanced automatic peeling and winding of the release film liner. Dual operating control allows user to choose between photoswitch button and pedal operation.
  • GBC WireBind W25E Binder

    From dividing the pages to centering the document and adjusting the settings, the W25E completes each binding stage in an entirely logical sequence.
  • COLOURHIDE My Designer Highlighters PK4 Double

    Fun patterned barrel highlighters with unique ergonomic design.
  • GBC WireBind Karo40pro Binder

    A fully featured, semi professional wire binding machine. Ideal for everyday office use.
  • GBC WireBind E-Karo40pro Binder

    A fully featured, semi professional wire binding machine, combining electric punching with manual binding. Ideal for high volume office use.
  • QUARTET To-Do Planner Board

    The planner that helps you organise — with dry erase surface for planning, plotting and jotting down your agenda. Grey cork section ideal for notes and photos pin ups!
  • GBC SureBind System 1 Binder

    Productive manual strip binder that takes only 10 seconds to bind. Perfect for small to medium size documents. Features one sized binding strip for all documents. This binding style produces durable and tamper-proof documents which is great for filing, stacking and mailing.
  • GBC SureBind System 2 Binder

    Produces highly professional, impressive looking, flat, bound documents for moderate volume users. Provides page security and electric binding with push button controls. Jam prevention device avoids irritating jams.
  • GBC SureBind System 3 Binder

    Stylish electric strip binding system designed specifically for high volume usage. Features an integrated de-bind function which lets you add or delete pages easily.
  • GBC ThermaBind T200 Binder (2017)

    A perfect machine for small office use. The T200 can produce one 20mm (200 sheets) A4 document or multiple bind many smaller presentations simultaneously.
  • GBC ThermaBind T400 Binder (2017)

    An executive thermal binding machine perfect for medium to high usage.
  • QUARTET White Frame Magnetic Planner

    The planner that helps you organise . Durable monthly calendar with smooth magnetic writing surface, conveniently show dates and display important notes or deadlines.  

  • GBC ThermaBind T500 Binder

    Professional thermal binder ideal for high volume use. The extra wide binding channel allows for one large or smaller multiple documents to be bound at a time.
  • GBC Clickman Binder

    Entry level Ibiclick manual binder for quick binding with unique presentation. Bound documents can be easily re-opened for adding and removing of pages with the handy zipper provided.

  • POWIS FastBack 9 Binder

    A great choice for the small office/home office (SOHO). FastBack® 9 is the most compact and affordable FastBack binder. Binds 10 to 250 sheets. FastBack® 9 is a powerful machine that can bind 3-5 times faster than traditional punch/bind systems, making it perfect for short run & occasional jobs.
  • POWIS FastBack 20 Binder

    The ideal binding machine for all corporations, financial institutions, copy shops, print environments, or education establishments that require professional-looking presentations, yearbooks or bound documents at a fraction of the time required to bind with alternative traditional binding solutions. LCD display guides the user through each operation using animated illustrations. The FastBack® 20 works with all of the Powis binding materials and binds 10 to 350 sheets in 13-35 seconds.