• DERWENT Watersoluble Sketching

    The Derwent Watersoluble Sketching Pencil has a wide strip which is great for quick drawings. Add water to gently dissolve the graphite for line and wash sketches and watch your art take on a new, softer feel!


    We’ve created 3 easy to use wash strengths for you; light, medium and dark which will help you bring great depth to your sketches.

    3 wash strengths | Round 8mm barrel | Wide 4mm graphite core | Water-soluble

  • KENSINGTON Orbit™ Scroll Ring Trackball

    All day comfort and scrolling come together in the Kensington Orbit™ Trackball with Scroll Ring. The Scroll Ring allows you to fly through web pages and documents. And all while delivering comfort and space savings no mouse can match.

  • DERWENT Watersoluble Graphitone

    Pure water-soluble graphite in a stick!


    There are so many things you can do with Derwent Watersoluble Graphitone; use it like a graphite pencil, peel off the wrapper to use the stick whole, or break it into chunks to create broad sweeps of tone really quickly. Just add water and watch the graphite dissolve to create line and wash sketches. You can choose from 4 wash strengths from a light to a very dark wash.

    4 wash strengths | Water-soluble | Round 7mm stick of pure graphite | 100% useable material

  • KENSINGTON Orbit™ Wireless Mobile Trackball

    The Kensington Orbit™ Wireless Mobile Trackball offers a precise, compact and versatile experience with a centeredball design. With no wires to tie you down, the 2.4 GHz wireless with storable nano receiver works wherever you do, at your home or office. And the unique touch scrolling lets you glide effortlessly through web pages and documents.

  • DERWENT Graphic Pencils

    Good pencil drawings start with a good graphite pencil!


    With Derwent Graphic pencils you’ve got a wide choice of degrees from the popular HB pencil, to the fine and crisp 9H and soft and smudgy 9B. So whether you're doing fine detailed illustrations or adding shading and texture to your drawing we’ve got the right pencil for you!

    20 degrees 9H to 9B | Hexagonal 6.9mm barrel | 2.2mm core for hard degrees | 3.5mm for soft degrees

  • DERWENT Sketching Pencils

    Sketching is all about being loose, free and easy and Derwent Sketching pencils couldn’t be easier to use; just 3 simple degrees HB, 2B and 4B, to cover all your drawing needs.


    They have a wide strip so you can quickly rough-out a loose sketch, or capture a passing cloud before it disappears! Once you’ve done that you can sharpen your pencil to a fine point to add the all important detail to your drawing!

    3 degrees HB, 2B & 4B | Round 8mm barrel | Wide 4mm graphite core

  • DERWENT Natural Graphite

    Firm graphite blocks that are ideal for free, expressive drawings and can be used to create broad and fine lines. There are 3 grades to choose from; Soft, Medium or Hard and they’re naturally water-soluble.

    3 grades | 8mm square | 75mm long | Naturally water-soluble
  • DERWENT Onyx Pencils

    Feeling moody? Look no further, Derwent Onyx is our blackest graphite pencil, even darker than a 9B!


    Great on its own for drawing really moody pictures or use it with other graphite media like Graphic or Sketching pencils to add dense shade and tone.


    We have created two tones, medium and dark, but it is easy to build up darker shades if you need them by increasing the pressure. The wide strip can be easily sharpened and will hold a fine point, perfect for capturing the detail in drawings!

    Round 8 mm barrel | Wide 4 mm graphite core

  • QUARTET Infinity™ Glass Dry-Erase Desktop Pad

    Capture great ideas and keep track of daily tasks with this glass surface dry-erase desktop pad. Notepad design sits neatly behind keyboard for ease of access.  Jot down a to-do list and easily refer back to it while you work. Comes with ledge and drawer to hold stationery.

  • DERWENT Graphitint Pencils

    Wow! Graphite and colour in one pencil, how surprising is that? Graphitint is a unique range of tinted graphite that combines the drama and creativity of pencil drawings with a hint of soft, subtle colour.


    Used dry Graphitint produces just a suggestion of colour but add water to wash out the lines and make the colour much more vibrant.

    24 rich, subtle shades | Water-soluble | Round 8mm barrel | Wide 4mm core

  • QUARTET Infinity™ Glass Dry-Erase Glass Desktop Easel

    Capture great ideas and keep track of daily tasks with this glass surface dry-erase easel. Convenient design allows board to stand upright for easy reading and collapse to comfortably write notes and reminders. Comes with clip to hold marker.

  • DERWENT Tinted Charcoal Pencils

    Tinted Charcoal offers the dramatic beauty of charcoal pencils with a gentle hint of colour! Easy to control for accurate drawing with less mess they can still be smudged and blended easily.

    21 tints colors | Round 8mm barrel | Wide 4mm core | Naturally water-soluble

  • DERWENT Charcoal Pencils

    Often used for life studies charcoal is a traditional art material but we've encased it in wood to make a Charcoal pencil, giving you greater control over your drawings while keeping all those charcoal effects that you love!

    3 grades | Round 8mm barrel | Wide 4mm core | Naturally water-soluble
  • DERWENT Compressed Charcoal

    Derwent Compressed Charcoal is a block of pure charcoal. Use the side for wide sweeping strokes, or use the ends to create finer lines. You can also use it with our other charcoal products to create a variety of charcoal effects in your art.

    3 grades | Naturally water-soluble
  • QUARTET InvisaMount™ Glass Magnetic Boards

    Glass Boards provide long term  durability with modern aesthetic appeal. The glass surface will not stain, ghost, scratch or dent despite heavy use. Magnetic feature allows for instant hanging of documents and notes, and marker glides evenly over the board surface for smooth writing. With invisible mount and aluminium marker tray.

  • DERWENT XL Graphite Blocks

    Everything about Derwent XL Graphite is big; big blocks and even bigger possibilities. You can create a wide variety of textures and effects with these generous graphite blocks; subtle blending, fine lines and deep tonal work are all possible.

    6 colours | Water-soluble | 20mm square | 60mm long