COLOURHIDE My Designer Highlighters PK4 Double


About This Product

Fun patterned barrel highlighters with unique ergonomic design.


  • Market leading German technology for excellent ink brightness
  • Long lasting ink supply highlights up to 350m
  • Smudge proof application (does not smudge on inkjet printouts & handwritten text)
  • Chisel nibs provides 3 different writing widths - 0.75mm, 2.5mm, 5mm
  • Unique ergonomic design makes highlighting more comfortable
  • Secure the cap onto the end of the highlighter when in use; so cap won’t get lost


Product Code Colour/Description UOM
1980099SG 2 Pink + 2 Yellow PA
1980199SG Pink, Yellow, Green, Orange PA
1980299SG Pink, Yellow, Green, Orange, Blue, Red PA
1980205SG 4 Yellow PA
1980206SG 4 Orange PA
1980209SG 4 Pink PA
1980101SG Blue PC
1980103SG Red PC
1980104SG Green PC
1980105SG Yellow PC
1980106SG Orange PC
1980109SG Pink PC