DERWENT Academy® Colour Pencils

About This Product

Ideal for colouring, drawing and illustration.


  • Made with natural wood barrels and quality pigment, to Derwent’s exacting standards, these pencils transfer the colour to the paper quickly and evenly
  • Pencils have a slim round 7.10mm black barrel and a 3.3mm core
  • For easy colour identification the end dip is colour matched to the inside of the pencil and the colour name is printed on the barrel
  • All Derwent Academy pencils are easy to sharpen and break resistant
  • Blend together well to allow you to create a wide range of additional shades
  • Available in 12, 24, 36 versatile colour


Product Code Description
2301937 Derwent Academy® Colour Set of 12 Pencils
2301938 Derwent Academy® Colour Set of 24 Pencils
2300225 Derwent Academy® Colour Set of 36 Pencils


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