About This Product

As if by magic we can make things disappear without leaving any nasty smudge marks behind.


All our erasers (and we have lots!) have been created with you in mind. We have easy to hold shaped and pen erasers, kneadable erasers for lifting out areas of unwanted colour and a battery operated eraser which is the last word in speed and precision.


Product Code Description
0700231 Kneadable Eraser
0700232 Plastic Eraser
2300023 Replacement Erasers - Pack of 30
2301931 Battery Eraser & Replacement Erasers
2301933 Pencil Eraser & Brush Blister of 2
2301963 Dual Eraser Pack (2)
2301964 Shaped Erasers (2)
2301965 Eraser Pen
2301966 Eraser Pen Refills (2)
2301976 Kneadable Eraser Blister