DERWENT Sketch Books & Pads

About This Product

To get the best out of your pencils and art supplies it’s important to use the right type of paper. To make sure that our art materials perform at their best we have developed a range of paper, sketchbooks and journals for every occasion.


For watercolour pencils, Inktense blocks and Artbar, the smooth Derwent Watercolour Paper is just the thing. Heavyweight sketch pads are ideal for graphite pencil drawing and come in classic white and black paper, which is also perfect for showing off our colour pencils.


If you're out and about the hard back sketchbooks and journals are great for resting on while you’re drawing. They are available in a huge range of styles and formats and if you like drawing landscapes the Panoramic Books offer a whole new perspective! So go on, start creating your own memories!


Product Code Description
2102174 A3 Matt Black HBSB - Landscape - 165 gsm
2102178 A4 Matt Black HBSB - Portrait - 165 gsm
2102179 A5 Matt Black HBSB - Portrait - 165 gsm
2300139 A4 Sketchpad Portrait - 30 sheets of 165gsm
2300140 A5 Sketchpad Portrait - 30 sheets of 165gsm
2300141 A3 Sketchpad L/Scape - 30 sheets of 165gsm
2300379 Black Book A4 Portrait - 40 sheets of 200gsm
2300381 Black Book A3 Landscape - 40 sheets of 200gsm
2300382 Black Book Square 30.5cm - 40 sheets of 200gsm
2301607 A4 Black Vinyl Wirebound - 110 gsm
2301608 A5 Black Vinyl Wirebound - 110 gsm
2301969 Watercolour Pad A5 (Portrait)
2301970 Watercolour Pad A4 (Portrait)
2301971 Watercolour Pad A3 (L/scape)
2301972 Watercolour Pad A2 (L/scape)