About TruSens®

You can breathe easy knowing that the air around you is actually clean. As a group of passionate product designers and engineers, we are on a mission to help make lives better and elevate your healthy lifestyle. We started by making a better air purifier that improves indoor air quality. Our focus was to create a purifier that is beautifully designed, simple to use, and beneficial to your living space. TruSens is more than just a product, it gives you endless control over your health and wellness.  

Customise your air purification with NEW specialty filters


           NEW Allergy & Flu Filter                                 NEW Pet Filter                                               NEW Odor Filter 
    Anti-viral True HEPA filter captures 99%            Special washable cotton prefilter and True                 Engineered with True HEPA and high 
         of airborne allergens and viruses.                          HEPA for capturing up to 99.97% of             performance carbon pellets to help eliminate
                                                                                        pet dander and help eliminate common           cooking and cleaning odors, and reduce VOCs
                                                                                                                pet odors                                               


Cleaner Air Everywhere