TruSens Air Purifier Allergy & Flu Carbon Layer Replacement for Z-3000 (Large)


About This Product

This activated carbon pellet filter is specifically designed to remove pollutants from the air that can trigger allergies or cause flu-like symptoms. This carbon layer fits with Allergy & Flu Filter drum for all TruSens Z-3000 Air Purifiers.


  • This filter with activated carbon pellets offers a level of defense against unwanted air pollutants that can invade your home
  • This layer is what needs to be replaced on the Allergy & Flu HEPA drum filter
  • Optional replacement depending on usage
  • Change indicator light is displayed on purifier when filter needs to be replaced
  • Fits with the Allergy & Flu Filter drum for all TruSens Z-3000 Air Purifiers. Pack includes 1 filter.